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A simple mod for Dicey Dungeons which corrects 'dice' to 'die' when singular. That's all it does.

Only text elements are changed, so graphics will still contain errors. If you spot any instance of 'dice' which hasn't changed but should, or a place where I changed dice into die despite dice having been correct, please leave a comment.

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onesingulardie.zip 80 kB

Install instructions

Simply download the file and extract it into the "mods" folder of your Dicey Dungeons installation.

If you play through Steam, you can right click on Dicey Dungeons in your library and click Manage>Browse Local Files to quickly get there.

When playing Dicey Dungeons, you have to press 'esc' on the title page, then go to Mods and load this mod before continuing. 


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The Witch's Fruit Bowl equipment has "die" where it should have "dice;" it reads "return two die" instead of "two dice."

Thanks, fixed!